So you had the photo shoot and now what?
When you invest a lot of money getting professional photos taken of the people and events that matter most to you, you should follow through on that investment and get some high quality prints from a professional photo lab to go along with them or at the very least go to a high quality consumer lab.  When you do a photo session with me you have a lot of choices.   I send you a private link to my Pixieset website for you to have private access to your photo collection.  From this link, you can order prints and products from a high quality professional photo lab.  You can also download the photos for free and do what ever you wish with them.  You can share them to social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter or you can email them with the click of a button.  They are your photos and it is your choice what you do with them.
Before you make your decision on where to purchase prints and canvases, know the following...   
1. Please, I implore you, don’t go to Walgreen’s, Walmart, Target, etc… for your printing.  The quality of photos is subpar.  The colors are off, the details in the photos lose focus, and skin tones get a pink or green tint. 
2. Shutterfly and Snapfish are ok.  You can't beat their sales.
3. Mpix is really good.  The images are sharp, they have accurate color, use high quality paper, and are more properly exposed than all of the other consumer photo labs out there.  You will be much happier with the quality of your photo products from Mpix.  It's more expensive though.
Regarding the link I send you for my Pixieset website with your photo session collection, you have many possibilities but there are some things to know that will help you make the most of what it has to offer. 
1.  If you print photos from the link, you are supporting me, not a high volume consumer photo lab.  The professional lab I use is ProDPI and it is the most highly rated professional photography lab in the country and over and over again are rated number one for producing the highest quality prints of all the professional labs out there.  
2.  You can download the images off your photo collection for free.  Make sure that you choose the original format option for high quality prints when you download with the intention of having prints or canvases made.  Web and High Resolution options for download are meant for sharing photos on the web.  They should not be used for printing.  When you order prints or canvases from your collection on the website, the original file format images are used.
3.  You can share your photo collection to many social networking sites and it’s super easy.  Feel free to share away.  Just make sure when it comes to printing, you use the original files that you downloaded.
These are your photos and it's your decision on what to do with them.  In my opinion and experience, Mpix has print quality that is much higher than photos from other consumer print labs if you do your own printing.  Or, order from a high quality professional photo lab from your photo collection link.  You won’t be disappointed.