A little bit about me...
First and foremost, I am a people person.  I love being with people, working with people and making people feel good.  By trade, I am a school counselor and have worked with students and their families for the past 20 years.  Often my job can be gut wrenching and heartbreaking.  Perhaps that is what has led me to become a photographer…  to seek balance; to see people smile, to work with people on a happy occasion, to capture life’s special moments.
I come from a VERY creative and artistic family.  My dad is a painter and crafter, my mom embroiders and sews, one of my sisters sews and crafts, the other makes amazing pottery and is also into photography, my brother in law is an incredible artist.  One of the things I love about photography is the endless creative possibility that goes into making an image.  There is so much artistic expression in creating a photograph.  It is inspiring, motivating and a ton of fun!
For the past three years I have been a people, pet and landscape photographer.  Self-taught, I have read a gazillion books on photography, portraiture, lighting, posing, exposure, and shutter speed.  I see inspiration everywhere and all the time.  I don’t go anywhere without my camera.  It is always with me and I am always taking pictures.
My goals as a photographer are for you to go, “WOW”, when you see your end products and for you to have a fun and enjoyable experience at the photo shoot.   I want it to be done in a way that fits your style and that represents you.